All Proceeds from this purchase will go to the Phamily Foundation - MaryV Project 


Mary V Project - Mary V Project - This will be for underprivileged phamilies that are low income. that don’t have cars and take them out on a Phamily night/day. Get them a driver and take them to dinner. Movies after. Sporting event. Whatever we can get from sponsors. The reason behind this is. My mom didn’t drive. She worked in Glendale and we lived in Bellflower and she took the bus everyday and on her days off we were on the bus. So I understand when you don’t have a car it’s impossible to really enjoy yourself and get out as a Phamily. We will also have a large educational piece to this that will help phamilies navigate through the struggles of being low income.  - Neal Nieves 

The Mary V Tee

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Mary V Project
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